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Staying positive with a brain aneurysm: Inspirational blogger reveals her secret to getting through tough times

A resident of Geelong, Kirsten Macdonald is a mother of three, wife, sister, daughter, friend and entrepreneur. He’s also someone with an inoperable brain aneurysm.

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“imperturbable, honest [and] deeply thoughtful ?? by Tomorrow When The War Began series author John Marsden

A month and a half after doctors told Kirsten Macdonald they found out ?? Luckily ?? a brain aneurysm during a routine scan, she was lying on a surgical bed at Alfred Hospital waiting to be cut, sawn, sewn [and] repaired ????.

But even after three long months of recovery in the hospital, and despite her scars, temporarily blind and unable to walk, Kirsten whispered, “? Challenge accepted ? At every obstacle that was presented to him. Meanwhile, she remembers a doctor admitting that she was the most inspiring person he had met before, and a psychologist asked her what her secret was to staying positive after everything she had been through.

?? I was just me; I had no idea that I behaved differently from someone else in a similar situation. Every day, positive things were happening to my body. I could feel and see improvement, and I was surrounded by the best care and the most loving people. I had dark days, but I told myself during those times that I also had so much to be thankful for.

Go through difficult times adapting to the new ?? normal ?? was not easy for Kirsten at first. In fact, she describes this time as definitely the biggest battle of [her] life??.

At first I had intense moments of fear, especially not being able to see. Before all of my other senses intensified and kicked in, I walked into many walls ?? I had a BRICK PRINT on my forehead for a while! ?? tripped up the stairs, tripped over the clothesline, and because the salt and sugar packets felt exactly the same, I sipped lots of salty coffees! ?? Kirsten said. ?? I also learned by chance that green tea and lemonade go very well together! ??

Kirsten says she had just started to feel herself again ?? her body was healthy and she was thrilled to enter the rest of the life that awaited her ?? when she got a phone call that left her ?? in a pile on the ground ??. The doctors had found another brain aneurysm. Only this time it was unusable.

It’s one thing to have faith, and it’s a thing to have positive ideals and optimism. But it’s another thing to have each of these things tested to the last degree, and to have to embrace these things as tools to propel you through this kind of journey is something completely different. It went from what I was taught, to what I know, ?? Kirsten said. “When you think you’ve been pushed into the worst of times, only to learn that there’s more to come, it’s all stripped away. You have to figure out how to get out of it, and I have learned that humor and joy help heal even in the most diverse of situations. Laughter is the best medicine! ??

As a creative soul and passionate writer, Kirsten felt inspired to share her story through The Ponderings of Kirsten ?? a unique and unusual account of his thoughts, experiences and challenges, expressed with raw emotions and humor ?? and has since received the reputation of ??inspirational blogger??.

When you are faced with a difficult situation, you have two choices. You can either let the situation engulf you and fall into a pit that is difficult to get out of, or you can surround yourself with the right people, remember to breathe and deliberately breathe more joy and laughter into your life. ? Kirsten said. ?? Humor is the cure for so many things; it does to stay positive Easier.??

To subscribe to Kirsten’s blog, visit or find her on The Ponderings of Kirsten on Facebook.

Kirsten’s thoughts ?? meditations of the girl who may be dying but above all alive ?? has been described as steadfast, honest [and] deeply thoughtful ?? by the author of Tomorrow when the war started series, John Marsden. It’s an inspiring, raw, and particularly funny account of the life of Kirsten Macdonald, a woman who recovered from brain aneurysm surgery that left her temporarily blind, bald and unable to walk, only to be informed of a second aneurysm. this one unusable.
The Ponderings of Kirsten is an unusual blog in the way it weaves humor, sadness, joy, fear and confusion seamlessly, and gently reveals and confronts difficult thoughts and situations to create a space of fullness. awareness, inspiration and gratitude. Kirsten ?? s blog takes readers on a journey of tears, laughter, shortness of breath and heartfelt smiles, into a world of reflection and assessment.
???? unwavering, honest, [and] deeply thoughtful. ?? ?? author John Marsden, Tomorrow when the war started series

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