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Five tips for creating evergreen blog content

If you’re not entirely sure what evergreen content is, it refers to content that consistently performs well and remains applicable to your audience. Therefore, by creating permanent content, your blogs regularly get readings and drive traffic.

However, not all types of blog content are persistent. To be sustainable, this content should not be influenced by changing trends in the industry you are blogging about.

So how do you create this type of content?

Here to give the truth about all that is evergreen in the blogging scene is media update Lara Smith:

1. Plant the tallest trees

One of the tricks to creating evergreen content is to make sure it’s continually discoverable online.

As we know, the tallest trees receive the most sunlight. Likewise, the most SEO-optimized blogs get the most exposure online because they continually show up in user searches.

So how do you plant the tallest trees?

You can incorporate SEO into your writing by:

  • by using popular keywords that your audiences use in their searches
  • write blogs that are informative, transactional, navigation and comparative
  • improve your readability
  • create a content-centric website design, and
  • integrate a diverse range of media into your blogs.

2. Sow all right seeds

Blog content that never loses its breath online contains seeds of knowledge such as important industry terminology and concepts. Why?

Well, some industry jargon and concepts rarely change. Therefore, the content that explains the meaning of these terms and ideas is still relevant to people working in this field and will be continually searched for online.

Content like this is especially relevant for industry newbies who are still struggling with the terminology used in their field. Because of this, these people will be more likely to seek out content online that helps them better understand their new work environment.

Another way to sow the right seeds is to incorporate frequently asked questions from your audience into your content. This will keep it relevant as it tackles topics that come up time and time again.

3. Know how to prune your content

When creating blogs, you need to remove some things to ensure that your content will thrive for a long time, such as:

  • statistics
  • Appointment
  • vacation references
  • trends, and
  • new.

Indeed, by including these variables, your content becomes time-specific. Therefore, its content will no longer be applicable in a few months when these variables change.

So, by removing these variables when producing your blogs, it will ensure that your content never becomes stale. It’s that simple.

4. Know what type of plants are best to plant

When aiming to create evergreen content, it’s important to know what type of content will be continuously relevant to your audience.

According to Digital Marketing InstituteContent forms that continue to perform well with audiences include:

  • practical parts
  • listicles
  • tutorials, and
  • content that provides tips and tricks.

But why does this content never become obsolete?

The information that is usually provided in these types of blogs is still useful for people who want to learn new skills or information on a subject. Therefore, these types of blogs are continuously searched and read online.

5. Let your plant spread its roots

Another way to make sure your content continues to perform well is to reuse it and share it with your audience.

For example, if you have an existing blog that has done well, you can ensure that it will continue to thrive by sharing and re-sharing it on various platforms. Therefore, you can generate more leads from the same contents.

Another example of how you can reuse your content is to present it in a variety of different formats. For example, you can reuse your blog by copying its information into:

  • an infographic
  • a picture
  • a sound
  • a video, and
  • social media posts.

Therefore, instead of creating new content, you can simply let your existing content grow and expand into new platforms and formats.

What else can bloggers do to keep their content always green? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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