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A No BS Blog Content Style Guide That Saves and Makes Money

For B2B or B2C content writers and startup founders, here is the ultimate blog content style guide to standardize the editorial process. This blog content style guide helps with search engine optimization or SEO requirements. You don’t have to pay another SEO expert to optimize your article after your content developer provides you with the article. This standard applies to blogs for businesses in all fields and industries.

Blog Content Style Guide

  1. Google Keyword Research: Use Google Keyword Research to find key phrases people are searching for with your main industry keyword.
  2. Text length: The required text length is a minimum of 450 and a maximum of 500 words
  3. Structure of paragraphs: 500 words= Intro and Conclusion of 50 words each and the remaining 400 words divided into 8 paragraphs of 50 words each/Or 500 words= Intro and Conclusion of 50 words each and the remaining 400 words divided into 4 paragraphs of 100 words each
  4. Density of key phrases: In a 500 word article, use the key phrase three times. Double the keyphrase if the word count is double
  5. Key phrase length: 3-4 words, which is the central topic
  6. Title of the article: Write the title in 60 characters and include the entire key phrase.
  7. Police case: For the title and headings, use sentence case with the first letters capitalized. For prepositions and articles, use lowercase.
  8. Sentence length: Do not exceed 12-14 words in a sentence.
  9. Tense: Use the present tense to avoid grammatical errors and create immediacy to grab attention.
  10. Key sentence in the introduction: Start your article with the key phrase
  11. Meta description length: Write a post summary using the 130-character keyphrase
  12. Key phrase in the meta description: The keyphrase or synonym appears in the meta description. Well done!
  13. Outgoing links: Discover two outbound links to back up the numbers or data you are writing about
  14. Internal links: Discover two inbound links to back up the numbers or data you write about.

We are sure it will save you money or already help you earn because you don’t need anyone else to guide you for website blogs, long articles and lists. Following this process will help you maintain a 50% readability score, which Google loves.

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